Subantimicrobial Doxycycline is an Effective Treatment for Acne and Rosacea

If you suffer from acne or rosacea, you know how debilitating and embarrassing it can be. Thankfully, there is a treatment that has been shown to have great promise in dealing with these conditions, allowing sufferers to get back to living happy, normal lives. Learn more about the ways subantimicrobial doxycycline therapy is being used to treat inflamatory acne and rosacea outbreaks for Schaumburg Dermatology patients, then schedule a consultation to see how you can benefit from this treatment too.

What is Subantimicrobial Doxycycline?

Subantimicrobial doxycycline is a low-dose antibiotic that has been shown to stay below the antimicrobial threshold, yet retain the same anti-inflammatory effect. By using smaller doses than those typically prescribed to fight serious infection, doctors have found that they can treat and suppress the inflammation effectively while reducing the risk of creating antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. This is good particularly for patients who have recurrent breakouts, as it can give them access to effective treatment that will continue to work over a longer period with a decreased risk of developing antibiotic resistance.

How Long Does the Treatment Take to See Results?

Duration of treatment depends on a variety of factors, such as patient age, weight, overall health, and among other conditions which may interfere with treatment. In general, patients suffering from acne noticed obvious results from the use of subantimicrobial doxycycline in about six weeks, with maximum benefits occurring in 3-6 months. Treatment for rosacea is similar, with patients reporting maximum benefits slightly sooner, depending on the severity of the outbreak.

After treatment, many patients report seeing continued benefits from the use of subantimicrobial doxycycline for several months, despite having discontinued the medication. Many patients continue to take the medication for long-term suppression of their acne.

As with any treatment, your results may vary greatly and can only be assessed after careful examination and consultation with a qualified dermatological expert, such as those at Schaumburg Dermatology. Patients are encouraged to discuss any issues they have had that may lead to difficulties with treatment, reactions to previous antibiotic treatment, and any other medications they may be taken which could interfere with the use of antibiotics, or which could increase the severity of the outbreak.

Why Choose Schaumburg Dermatology?

Dealing with acne and rosacea can be painful and socially debilitating. Knowing you have a skilled professional in your corner who understands the best treatments available and can ensure that you get the care you need to look and feel your best is essential to a successful resolution of your symptoms. Schedule a consultation with one of the medical professionals at Schaumburg Dermatology to learn about the benefits of subantimicrobial doxycycline and see if this therapy is right for you.

Discover Subantimicrobial Doxycycline Therapy at Schaumburg Dermatology

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