Surgical Dermatology


Removal of Moles

This can be performed by shaving the mole to be flush with the skin, or completely removing it and placing stitches. All specimens are sent for pathology to ensure no cancer. Some cases may be considered cosmetic by insurance.


Removal of Skin Cancers

After we or your primary doctor has diagnosed you with skin cancer, we can discuss the appropriate method of treatment, which may be electrodessication in office, excision in office, topical chemotherapy at home, referral to a Moh’s surgeon or radiation oncologist.


Cyst and Lipoma Removal

These benign growths can be very bothersome. A simple in office procedure can safely remove the lesion and get you back on your feet in no time.


Removal Of Benign Growths (Angiomas, Keratosis, Skin Tags)

A variety of bumps start to appear as we mature in life. We can just as easily remove them with minimally scarring techniques. Some cases may be considered cosmetic by insurance.