If you’re tired of dealing with unwanted hair on a routine basis, then laser hair removal might be the perfect option for you.  Rather than continuing to pluck, shave, tweeze, or wax unwanted hair, clients located near Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates, Barrington, and the surrounding areas trust the medical professionals at Schaumburg Dermatology for their precise, safe, and effective laser hair removal system.

Safe for All Skin Types

At Schaumburg Dermatology we utilize two hair removal technologies so that we are able to address all varieties of skin and hair types. Our specialized Sciton ClearScan Yag is the standard to treat dark, coarse hair for all skin types, including dark ethnic skin.  Individuals with finer hair or larger treatment areas can be treated with our Sciton Broadband Light (BBL) system.   The benefit of having both systems in our office allows us to customize each laser hair removal treatment to deliver optimal results.

How it Works

Laser hair removal is a very safe and effective way to get rid of unwanted hair almost anywhere on the body.  It works by delivering light energy directly to the hair follicles by gently placing a handpiece with a small, flat surface on the skin.  With each pulse, the Provider guides the handpiece to address the entire treatment area.  The highly concentrated light is absorbed by the hair’s pigment in the follicle, essentially destroying the root or bulb.  The initial series of laser hair removal includes 6 or 8 treatments that are spaced 4 to 10 weeks apart, and typical responses for ideal candidates are 70-90% reduction in hair. Maintenance treatments may be needed periodically.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I an ideal candidate?  Laser hair removal works best on coarse, dark, and dense hair and for candidates that are lighter-complected.  For clients with darker skin tones or hair that is not as coarse or dark, hair removal is still a great option. However, additional treatments may be needed to achieve the desired results.
  • Can I treat my fine blonde hair?  The technology behind laser hair removal works by the attraction of the dark pigment and coarseness of the hair follicle.  Fine, blonde hair lacks both factors and will generally not reap the results of laser hair removal.
  • Is the procedure painful?  Most clients experience little to no discomfort during the laser hair removal treatment.  The light source will generate a heat sensation in the targeted areas and can sometimes feel like a small, snapping rubber band during the procedure.  An added benefit to our technology is a built-in cooling feature that soothes the skin while the Provider administers treatment.
  • Why do I need multiple treatments?  Laser hair removal requires multiple treatments as IPL and traditional lasers can only target and affect the hair follicle when it is in the active growth cycle.  Since there are three growth cycles, multiple treatments spaced at select intervals are necessary to achieve optimal reduction.
  • Do I have to grow my hair out for each treatment?  Nope, which makes the process easy!  Throughout your series of treatments, you can shave; however, plucking, waxing, tweezing, and electrolysis are off-limits since these procedures will negatively impact your results.  Remember, we need the hair follicle to get to the root/bulb in order to disable the hair from growing again.  Plucking, waxing, and tweezing temporarily remove the follicles, so when you come in for laser hair removal, we will not be able to effectively treat those areas, thereby limiting your results.

How to Get Ready For Laser Hair Removal

If you’re preparing for your laser hair removal, you’ll want to avoid electrolysis, waxing, and plucking of the hair to be treated.  Make sure to come to your appointment clean-shaven.  Also, avoid extended sun exposure for the two weeks before and after treatment to reduce the chances of complications and increase effectiveness.

Talk to Our Cosmetic Team For More Information

The cost of laser hair removal will vary based on the treatment area and the density of the hair. To find out more about laser hair removal and your specific treatment, contact Schaumburg Dermatology or call us directly at (847) 534-5507.