Botox Cosmetic Injections

If you are looking for a fast fix to improve your self-image by treating fine lines and wrinkles, consider Botox injections from Schaumburg Dermatology. Botox cosmetic procedures are one of the most popular anti-aging treatments on the market because appointments are quick and the results are effective, with virtually no downtime.

How Botox Injections Work and What to Expect

First and foremost, our cosmetic providers offer a thorough assessment in which all of your cosmetic skin issues are evaluated to determine the best treatment or combination of treatments for your specific needs. This process takes place during a Cosmetic Consultation. If a Botox Cosmetic procedure is indeed right for you, this is how the treatment is usually administered:

  • Using a very thin needle, a small amount of the botulinum toxin medication is injected into the facial muscles that cause wrinkles as a result of facial expressions and the natural aging process.  Since the needles are fine, the injection barely feels like a tiny pinch.
  • The amount of Botox Cosmetic used in treatment depends on which muscles are targeted, the extent of your age lines and wrinkles, and your facial features. So it’s quite normal for the number of units injected during your treatment to vary from the number of units your friend receives when treating the same area. Men typically require more units since their muscular features are generally stronger.
  • A typical Botox treatment usually takes less than 15 minutes. There is no anesthesia required, nor is there any recovery time post-procedure, and you may return to normal daily activities that very same day. For these reasons, Botox Cosmetic is widely considered a “lunchtime” treatment.


Approximately 7-14 days after your Botox treatment, you will notice that specifically targeted wrinkles and age lines have diminished or disappeared entirely while preserving your natural facial expressions. Botox Cosmetic temporarily relaxes the facial muscles that cause the lines and wrinkles, so maintenance treatments are required to continue results, every 3-4 months.

Botox Cosmetic Pricing

Dial back the years and look younger with Botox Cosmetic. Botox injection pricing will vary based on a number of factors including how many injections you’ll require and the muscles targeted. If you live or work in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, near Palatine, Arlington Heights, or Barrington, and want to receive your personal assessment and pricing, schedule a Cosmetic Consultation by calling (847) 534-5507 or request an appointment online. Find out if Botox Cosmetic is right for you!