Here at Schaumburg Dermatology, we specialize in treating Palatine and Arlington Heights area patients who suffer from various rare and severe skin disorders such as pemphigus, Lichen Planus, and pemphigoid. These uncommon yet debilitating conditions require a range of different treatment methods. At your initial consultation, we will determine a therapy plan using systematic treatments that meet your unique needs.

What is Pemphigus?

The term pemphigus describes a group of unusual autoimmune blistering skin disorders. Autoimmune disorders are present when the immune system attacks healthy tissue by mistake. Those that suffer from pemphigus experience blistering eruptions on the skin.
There are two main types of pemphigus: pemphigus vulgaris and pemphigus foliaceus. Each type of this disorder also has different subtypes. The causes of pemphigus are still unknown.

Symptoms of Lichen Planus

Those diagnosed with Lichen Planus experience an itchy rash or area of inflammatory lesions. These shiny reddish-purple spots on the skin or gray-white spots on the mouth are more commonly found in women than in men. The spots can be small and separate or join together into scaly, rough patches. Oral lesions of the mucous membranes are also common with this disorder.

Basics of Pemphigoid

Pemphigoid, or Bullous Pemphigoid, is another autoimmune skin disorder that causes blistering. This condition occurs more frequently in elderly patients. The blisters are usually found under the upper layers of skin and can subside in months or years. These symptoms can reoccur and can lead to complications like pneumonia in rare cases.

Treatment of Inflammatory and Autoimmune Skin Disorders

Depending on the type and severity of each skin condition, treatment methods, and pricing will vary. To schedule a consultation at Schaumburg Dermatology, call (847) 534-5507 or use the online appointment form.