Skin Tightening: The Exilis Elite Produces Better Results Faster

Schaumburg Dermatology is pleased to offer an advanced solution for skin tightening with the Exilis Elite. The Exilis Elite is a great non-invasive solution for reducing wrinkles in aging skin, with fewer treatments than many of the popular tissue tightening technologies of the past. Though not a replacement for surgical candidates, the Exilis Elite is a great option to address the early signs of aging by remodeling collagen with no downtime.

How it Works

The Exilis Elite uses the most advanced form of radio frequency energy to tighten, firm, and lift lax or sagging and wrinkled skin. This procedure is performed in a comfortable setting while the process safely heats the skin’s deep layers to initiate more collagen production. Treatments usually last under an hour, and unlike traditional treatments, there is no downtime, bruising, or pain.


Due to the advanced technology within the Exilis Elite, the process requires fewer treatments than most devices found on the market. Generally, 2-4 treatments are required, with 2-3 week intervals in between treatments. Since the procedure prompts the remodeling of the candidate’s own collagen, optimal results are evident 3-6 months after the series completion.

Where it Can be Used

The Exilis Elite is used to treat common areas of concern, including the face, eyes, neck, décolleté (chest), and hands.

Candidates for the Exilis Elite

This technology is an excellent alternative for individuals who want to reduce the signs of aging with no downtime and without surgery or needles. Exilis Elite boosts the body’s own collagen remodeling response for a natural result so that you can age gracefully.

Take the Next Step Toward Fast and Accurate Results

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